Haunting Dreams

This whole week I have been experiencing some very strange and haunting dreams. I have been extremely paranoid myself, trying to fall asleep at night. I feel like, I am sensing something or someone watching me as I try to sleep. I feel this thing right across the room from me, sensing it coming closer and closer. And I am laying there half awake, insuring that I have some type of body contact. Moving in closer, and snuggling closer to my son.

I first felt that on Monday night, when I heard the rain through my bedroom window. I also experience “sleep paralysis.” I felt my son moving and it broke off the numbness in my body from the paralysis. My dream felt real, we were all getting ready to sleep, and my kids excitedly ran and jumped onto the bed. Our house, has this creaking noise. So when both my kids got to the bed, we heard a few creaking noises coming up the stairs and they both leaped over me, frighten and scared. I woke up to my mom’s voice,. she was coming up the stairs.

When I woke up, today. I dreamed that I was on a school bus with my kids. In my dream, there was this one particular road that was haunted. And everyone in town would try to avoid it as much as possible. But then, it seemed like the bus we were on, turned into the haunted road. Filled with trees and tall bushes and weeds. We drove all the way to the end of the road and made a turn which lead us out of the haunted road. The bus stops at this building,. and suddenly flips over on the side. Both my kids faces looks bruised, but they seemed to be fine.

One of the passenger, fell over and I scooped him up. He was bleeding real bad. His eyes and nostrils were bleeding out blood. I asked him, “Are you okay? I’m going to call 911!” He nodded his head as his eyes rolled upward. And I woke up.

At a spiritual stand point, I’m sensing an entity inside my bedroom. It’s trying to get away from the rain but ends up in my bedroom. That’s what my gut feeling is sensing.

Or it may just be dreams….


To dream about hair


To dream about your hair could be good or bad. Just depends on what the dream is about. So, I am going to break it down for those who are curious, but please keep in mind that my theories are base on the hmong culture, and mainly base on my own personal experiences and others who have shared the same common meaning as me.

If you dream that your are admiring your long, luscious, beautiful hair: this is usually a sign that you will be receiving, awarded or will be earning money. Seeing or having long hair in dreams also means good luck.

To dream that, all of a sudden you have shorter hair, or to dream that you cut your hair, signifies or foretells that you will most likely lose money. Any type of dreams that are about loosing hair. For example, hair shedding off, plucking your hair out, aging or thinning hair.

If you have dreams about someone else, loosing hair or have long hair; usually it will apply to that individual and not you.

My dream last night:
I was picking up hair off the ground on my bedroom floor. Using my fingertips, in circular motion, I was collecting all these pieces of hair that has been laying on my bedroom floor (carpeted). I am guessing that this type of dream would more likely fall into gaining something, instead of losing. And base on today’s events, its a total gain!

To sum it up, if you’re dreams are about loosing hair, it signifies loosing something, most likely, money or loosing an important possession. To dream about long beautiful hair, having more hair than usual, and or in my case, collecting hair, means gaining, increasing, or earning something, usually, money or it just means good luck.

“So, I will say, that there is a way to reverse bad dreams,…. but I’ll leave that for another post!”


To Be Invisible

Have you ever just wanted to disappear? Or become invisible so no one sees you?? Not just being invisible, but sometimes feeling invisible around a certain individual or a crowd of people you know. You’re there and yet no one notices you. To be invisible and to feel invisible are two different things.

To be invisible is to actually be invisible., Like the invisible man. Someone is there, but you don’t actually see it. To feel invisible is a feeling of feeling left out, not belonging, and being ignore. I’m sure a lot us has these feelings. These feelings also leads to loneliness, self doubt, and feeling like you’re not important to anyone. This is not a good place to be for any one!

Because lately, I’ve become invisible. So I’m going to make it a goal to acknowledge every one I come across, even those whom I feel invisible with. Give them a big “Hello.”


Last night I had a dream that I had invisible powers. I had the powers to become invisible whenever I wanted to. In my dream, I was being chased. I don’t remember exactly what was chasing me. But I do remember stopping and telling myself, that I wanted to be invisible, and stay invisible. I closed my eyes tight and focused really hard, trying hard to not make any move. All of a sudden, no one could see me. I was invisible! I strolled around the little city I was in; only revealing myself to those I felt was worthy enough to see me.

To me, in that final moment of fear, I felt relief! I felt safe. No one could see me. I felt camouflage to the things that I didn’t want to see me. I’ve had similar dreams like this before.

Maybe I’ve become too comfortable… maybe I’ve accepted that certain people will treat you like you are invisible. And maybe it’s up to me to make a stance to no more being or feeling invisible!


Dreaming about Ivy

Ivy is our little family dog. She’s a chihuahua. She was shy and yet very playful. She’s not one to wonder off and she didn’t like strangers. She loves playing tug-o-war and loves to cuddle and watch movies with us. Ivy was a gift to my daughter on her 6th birthday.  She brought so much joy and love into our lives.

Since Ivy’s mysterious disappearance,. I’ve been having a few oddly weird dreams about her. All these dreams of her seems to be the same. The day she disappeared, just right before her 4th bday, (October 2016) my dad says, that someone hit her on the road with their car and the driver (a woman), picked her up and immediately drove off.

I was away for business when I received the phone call from my kids and my dad. I’ve called all the pet clinics, pet hospitals, and animal shelters in town to see if she was seen, and there was no luck.  🙁 We are all very heart broken! Since then, she’s came into my dreams. Her fur is always filled with bugs and she’s shaking soil/dirt off of her. And I am turning on the water to give her a bath. But I wake up every time. I am convinced that Ivy has died.

Ivy also visited me, in my dreams last night. I see her running to me and I’m petting her, scratching behind her ears, just the way she likes. Bugs are crawling all over her and she is searching for food. I open the fridge and fed her a piece of chicken breast. She’s jumping with joy and running around with excitement. I can see soil falling out of her fur. Her body has gotten a lot thinner than before. And I still need to give her a bath.

I believe, this is her way to reach out to us that she has passed. She is showing me that she is also hungry. I will leave out some food for her tonight. I miss coming home to her, jumping at my feet, wanting a treat and wanting to be pet. You will be missed Ivy! :*

Throwing up slugs

What does it mean to dream of slugs? My dream last night was of me, throwing up some slimy, yellowish slugs. Three full plates of them. Eww. Afterwards, I see a lady dressed in a sheep’s clothing. She was standing by a few tall trees and had on a sheep’s mask. She kept revealing herself, and I can see clearly, that she had some sharp bloody, fangs. A black wolf stood next to her. And I woke up.

Slugs are known to be one of the slowest creatures on earth, although they seem very harmless. Still, not a very big fan of them. This is one of those random weird dreams. What does this mean for me personally? Yesterday, morning, I arrived to Cottage Grove, MN to visit the new office. I had a chance to sit down and talked to one of my mentors and we talked about goals and setting out a plan. Anyway, I reflected on myself in the last month,. and truthfully, I have not meet my goal for January. So we are talking about sacrificing bad habits for good habits. So, I believe that the slugs coming out of me are my bad habits., I need to react faster, I need to move at a faster speed.

Anyhow, It’ll be a busy weekend for me. I am expecting a few of my business partners to be in town as well. Its always good to see each other after a few weeks to catch up and update on business, dreams and personal life.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. Every one of them serves a purpose in our lives, whether for a good cause or bad intentions. Either way, we are learning. I believe in making a difference in people’s lives, big or small.


Snakes, Snake Bite Dreams

Good Morning, it’s tuesday!

First, and foremost, I want to share what my daughter dreamed about last night. My alarm comes on at exactly 6:55AM. I’m waking my kids up for school. My daughter turns around to me and said, “Mom, do you want to hear about my dream?” So, of course I leaned in to listen. And she goes… “I dreamed that a snake bit Elley and she turned into a huge poisonous snake and she bit you on the neck, but Aunty Neng saved you and she put a bandage on your snake bite, and we drove off.”

Very interesting. Snake dreams indicates pregnancy, and or baby spirits. Especially if you’re being bitten. Yes, its true that Elley is expecting. She’s about 17 weeks pregnant. But it sure is a mystery about me being bitten also, we’ll just have to see.

Over the weekend, I dreamed about 2 random people. Friday, we made a stop in Louisville, KY, and spent the night at days inn hotel. I dreamed of my crazy cousin,. It looks like we were in the woods, hiking. Then all of the sudden, everyone was crying/mourning for my cousin, because she had to leave somewhere. Sunday, I dreamed about my bf’s nephew getting beat up. Not sure who and why. But in my dream, I was having a conversation with the mother and she was crying and telling me that her son got beat up.

My weekend in Indiana, went okay. Meet a few new faces and took care of business (things didn’t go as plan). The drive definitely was very therapeutic. I felt like I need that for so long now. Because lately, I haven’t been myself. My mind has been filled up with doubts and rejection. And I am no longer allowing those thoughts affect me. Pressing the reset button.

There will be highs and lows, in every corner of our life. There will be times when you want to quit, and give up. Stop filling your mind with doubts and fears, that no way to life a purposefulness life. So if you have ever felt this way, know that you’ll get through to the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up 🙂

I will be on a flight to MN tomorrow morning, and will be back home in time to watch the super bowl.

Multiple Dreams

I had multiple dreams last night with different scenes… (I didn’t have the best sleep last night. Kept waking up).

First Scene: I was in the dressing rooms, changing in and out of clothes. Which is quite interesting because I was just telling my boyfriend about how I needed a wardrobe change. Maybe I need to fulfill this 😉

Second scene: Was pretty much a nude and sexual scene. Seeing private areas signifies money, income, something that will lead to receiving or earning income/money.

Third scene: Me, waiting to use the bathroom. I was at my bf’s house and he was cooking. The knob on the bathroom door was broken and there was no way to lock the door. I asked my bf to keep an eye on the door while I use the toilet. What do you know, some one, a drunk guy, walks in on me., well he tried to open the door, and luckily I pulled up my pants in time. But when I looked up at him, the walls around me became glass walls. I felt embarrassed for a moment, thinking everyone must’ve seen me. He asked me if I can finish the cooking because he wanted my bf to catch up on “drinking.”

Fourth Scene: I was standing on a podium in front of a crowd. They were all part of the business, but most of them were not interested in it at all. I shouted out,. “Who in here is already a member that’s interested in continuing with us?” There was 3 show of hands.

Okay, that’s about everything I saw in my dreams last night. thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to follow up! Again I’m looking forward for a successful weekend in Indiana.

And as always, have a good day and sweet dreams! xoxo

Dream: Driving through a dark tunnel

I hope everyone slept well, and had good dreams!

I don’t remember much of my dream from last night. I do remember going through a dark tunnel. A long and dark tunnel. So, its been repetitive from my previous dream about driving through a long road with trees caving in and the slide tunnel full of ice and snow. So I did, in fact google “dreams of tunnel.” There are plenty of interpretations and meanings, like vagina, womb, and birth… Yeah, not exactly sure about that…

I did read subconsciousness…
At a subconscious level, I have been thinking and reflecting a lot on my career goals and life and family and where I need to go, what I need to do. I feel stuck. I feel like I’ll never get through to the end or out of the tunnel. I know it starts with me and I know I need to create it! And create it with some action!

This morning, I asked my son whether he was being bullied at school or not. Surprisingly, he admitted that a few kids have been calling him names. If you haven’t read my previous blog post about my dream of seeing him bullied, you can read it here. Anyways, I told Chamb, that he needed to let his teacher know. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it too much but I wanted to let him know that if it did affect him later, he had to learn how to stand up and or let someone know other than me. I hope that it will never escalate to where I need to be involve.

I will be in Indianapolis this weekend for work. We will be driving out tomorrow and it’s about a good 8 hour drive to where I live. So definitely looking forward for a good and successful weekend. I’ve been home this whole week just catching up on house work and homework with the kids. So this little mini trip will hopefully boost up my momentum.




Dream: An Icy Road

I dreamed that I was sitting in the back, middle seat of an SUV. Holding onto my breath as an unknown couple steered into the dark icy road. The head lights flashed onto the road ahead. Giving me clear sight of our surroundings. I’ve been here before. It’s the back road I take on my way home to avoid the train sometimes. We sped through the long road with tall trees that hollowed around us, passing through an icy bridge as the suv leaped from one icy road hill after the other. I stiffly cling onto my seat, afraid we will crash! But we finally came to a stop. A road block.

The next part of my dream, the couple disappears. After climbing up some stairs, they said the only way out of the dead end zone was to go through a tunnel slide. I carefully sat down and gave myself a push. But as I travel down, the walls that burrowed around me started to iced up. I was thinking of a hundred ways that could go wrong; I could lose my balance and slip around in all sorts of directions. But as the ice started to spread, little ice block started to form and snow humps appeared everywhere, that it eventually prevented me from going any further.

Here we all are, just stuck inside this big slide tunnel full of icy snow. The girl ahead of me says, they weren’t letting anyone down the slide yet because the slide lead to an open water. And all the swimmers were still getting ready to leave. As we were discussing about a solution to get ourselves out, I hear my son’s voice, shouting and crying from above. The snow humps helped me climb back up to the top to see my son. He was being bullied by his cousin and friends. They were all taunting and laughing at my son., and he just cried louder, asking them to stop. They all started walking away,… and I woke up. First thing; Is my son being bullied??

The unknown couple; their purpose in my dream was to only guide and take me to a specific place. What really stand out to me is the ice/snow and the hollowness of the road and tunnel. At first the sight of an icy road may seem dangerous and did in fact arise a lot of fears; speeding and crashing, especially on a dark and icy road, alone in the middle of the woods. The ice/snow appears again as I go into the tunnel slide, again arising more fears of loosing balance, crashing, getting severely injured. But as soon as the snow humps and ice block form, what I was afraid of, gave me the most comfort. Another thing that also stuck out to me was that in these events, something happened to prevent me from proceeding; the road closing, ice building up inside the slide, and not letting anyone off the slide. Ice is consider a solid form of water. Water in dreams usually for me, signifies struggles, hardship, heartache usually leading to tears. In this case, maybe its the opposite?

What I Learn:
I am definitely reflecting on myself at a personal level and where I stand in my career. It does feel like I am at a dead end road., and obstacles may arise to distract me from where I need to go… Yes, I may slip and fall, humps and bumps may appear in my way. As one of my great mentor has said, “Never let your conditions control you from where you need to go.” I need to stay focus, I need to embrace and reinvent myself.

As Violet Baudelaire from the novel/movie, A series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket , says “Do the scary thing first and get scared afterwards”
( A good family film to watch on Netflix ).

Until next time…. Happy dreams everyone!

Hello World and Welcome!

This blog is aim to share my personal experiences through my own dream interpretations and how it affects my daily life, career and relationships.
If you’re like me, every morning, when I wake up from a dream; the first thing I do, is I immediately grab my iPhone and google my dream. But there are millions of interpretations found on the internet that it’s hard to grasp onto one true meaning. For example, if you dream about seeing flowers, there are hundreds of websites that offers different kinds of meaning. Like it can mean, “compassion, beauty, inner self.” Or on another website it can mean “growth, peace.” There are dream dictionary websites, there are dream interpretations, dream bibles and so many more.

Ever since I was young, I have always been a vivid dreamer. From adventurous dreams, to fighting zombies, vampires and Dracula, and falling off cliffs. Dreams about walking through a heavy thunder storms and or catching a lot of fishes in the lake. Sometimes dreaming about a decease relative or friends, and how about sleep paralysis dreams? What does it really mean? I think its still a very big mystery. Why we dream what we dream. We all can just view it as dreams., and for some it may not have any meaning at all. So I took it upon myself to document my dreams and over the past few years, I have recollected my own interpretations of what certain dreams may signify.

A few years ago, I started a hub page account. I publish an article about “Hmong Superstition, Beliefs, and Dreams” (very vague, but straight to the point.) You can read it here: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Hmong-Superstition-and-Belief

This article became one of my top articles viewed on hubpages.com and one with the most comments. Because of that, I became more and more inspired to start a blog…. and I’m making it happen! Yay!

I have created this blog to share a little bit of my life, career, hobbies, dreams and spiritual experiences. I hope that it will also inspire others to share their experiences/interpretation as well. Stay tuned as I learn how to renovate this blog and will be adding my daily life & dream contexts as well. Thank you!

Welcome to my dream world!