To Be Invisible

Have you ever just wanted to disappear? Or become invisible so no one sees you?? Not just being invisible, but sometimes feeling invisible around a certain individual or a crowd of people you know. You’re there and yet no one notices you. To be invisible and to feel invisible are two different things.

To be invisible is to actually be invisible., Like the invisible man. Someone is there, but you don’t actually see it. To feel invisible is a feeling of feeling left out, not belonging, and being ignore. I’m sure a lot us has these feelings. These feelings also leads to loneliness, self doubt, and feeling like you’re not important to anyone. This is not a good place to be for any one!

Because lately, I’ve become invisible. So I’m going to make it a goal to acknowledge every one I come across, even those whom I feel invisible with. Give them a big “Hello.”


Last night I had a dream that I had invisible powers. I had the powers to become invisible whenever I wanted to. In my dream, I was being chased. I don’t remember exactly what was chasing me. But I do remember stopping and telling myself, that I wanted to be invisible, and stay invisible. I closed my eyes tight and focused really hard, trying hard to not make any move. All of a sudden, no one could see me. I was invisible! I strolled around the little city I was in; only revealing myself to those I felt was worthy enough to see me.

To me, in that final moment of fear, I felt relief! I felt safe. No one could see me. I felt camouflage to the things that I didn’t want to see me. I’ve had similar dreams like this before.

Maybe I’ve become too comfortable… maybe I’ve accepted that certain people will treat you like you are invisible. And maybe it’s up to me to make a stance to no more being or feeling invisible!


Dreaming about Ivy

Ivy is our little family dog. She’s a chihuahua. She was shy and yet very playful. She’s not one to wonder off and she didn’t like strangers. She loves playing tug-o-war and loves to cuddle and watch movies with us. Ivy was a gift to my daughter on her 6th birthday.  She brought so much joy and love into our lives.

Since Ivy’s mysterious disappearance,. I’ve been having a few oddly weird dreams about her. All these dreams of her seems to be the same. The day she disappeared, just right before her 4th bday, (October 2016) my dad says, that someone hit her on the road with their car and the driver (a woman), picked her up and immediately drove off.

I was away for business when I received the phone call from my kids and my dad. I’ve called all the pet clinics, pet hospitals, and animal shelters in town to see if she was seen, and there was no luck.  🙁 We are all very heart broken! Since then, she’s came into my dreams. Her fur is always filled with bugs and she’s shaking soil/dirt off of her. And I am turning on the water to give her a bath. But I wake up every time. I am convinced that Ivy has died.

Ivy also visited me, in my dreams last night. I see her running to me and I’m petting her, scratching behind her ears, just the way she likes. Bugs are crawling all over her and she is searching for food. I open the fridge and fed her a piece of chicken breast. She’s jumping with joy and running around with excitement. I can see soil falling out of her fur. Her body has gotten a lot thinner than before. And I still need to give her a bath.

I believe, this is her way to reach out to us that she has passed. She is showing me that she is also hungry. I will leave out some food for her tonight. I miss coming home to her, jumping at my feet, wanting a treat and wanting to be pet. You will be missed Ivy! :*

Throwing up slugs

What does it mean to dream of slugs? My dream last night was of me, throwing up some slimy, yellowish slugs. Three full plates of them. Eww. Afterwards, I see a lady dressed in a sheep’s clothing. She was standing by a few tall trees and had on a sheep’s mask. She kept revealing herself, and I can see clearly, that she had some sharp bloody, fangs. A black wolf stood next to her. And I woke up.

Slugs are known to be one of the slowest creatures on earth, although they seem very harmless. Still, not a very big fan of them. This is one of those random weird dreams. What does this mean for me personally? Yesterday, morning, I arrived to Cottage Grove, MN to visit the new office. I had a chance to sit down and talked to one of my mentors and we talked about goals and setting out a plan. Anyway, I reflected on myself in the last month,. and truthfully, I have not meet my goal for January. So we are talking about sacrificing bad habits for good habits. So, I believe that the slugs coming out of me are my bad habits., I need to react faster, I need to move at a faster speed.

Anyhow, It’ll be a busy weekend for me. I am expecting a few of my business partners to be in town as well. Its always good to see each other after a few weeks to catch up and update on business, dreams and personal life.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. Every one of them serves a purpose in our lives, whether for a good cause or bad intentions. Either way, we are learning. I believe in making a difference in people’s lives, big or small.