Haunting Dreams

This whole week I have been experiencing some very strange and haunting dreams. I have been extremely paranoid myself, trying to fall asleep at night. I feel like, I am sensing something or someone watching me as I try to sleep. I feel this thing right across the room from me, sensing it coming closer and closer. And I am laying there half awake, insuring that I have some type of body contact. Moving in closer, and snuggling closer to my son.

I first felt that on Monday night, when I heard the rain through my bedroom window. I also experience “sleep paralysis.” I felt my son moving and it broke off the numbness in my body from the paralysis. My dream felt real, we were all getting ready to sleep, and my kids excitedly ran and jumped onto the bed. Our house, has this creaking noise. So when both my kids got to the bed, we heard a few creaking noises coming up the stairs and they both leaped over me, frighten and scared. I woke up to my mom’s voice,. she was coming up the stairs.

When I woke up, today. I dreamed that I was on a school bus with my kids. In my dream, there was this one particular road that was haunted. And everyone in town would try to avoid it as much as possible. But then, it seemed like the bus we were on, turned into the haunted road. Filled with trees and tall bushes and weeds. We drove all the way to the end of the road and made a turn which lead us out of the haunted road. The bus stops at this building,. and suddenly flips over on the side. Both my kids faces looks bruised, but they seemed to be fine.

One of the passenger, fell over and I scooped him up. He was bleeding real bad. His eyes and nostrils were bleeding out blood. I asked him, “Are you okay? I’m going to call 911!” He nodded his head as his eyes rolled upward. And I woke up.

At a spiritual stand point, I’m sensing an entity inside my bedroom. It’s trying to get away from the rain but ends up in my bedroom. That’s what my gut feeling is sensing.

Or it may just be dreams….


To dream about hair


To dream about your hair could be good or bad. Just depends on what the dream is about. So, I am going to break it down for those who are curious, but please keep in mind that my theories are base on the hmong culture, and mainly base on my own personal experiences and others who have shared the same common meaning as me.

If you dream that your are admiring your long, luscious, beautiful hair: this is usually a sign that you will be receiving, awarded or will be earning money. Seeing or having long hair in dreams also means good luck.

To dream that, all of a sudden you have shorter hair, or to dream that you cut your hair, signifies or foretells that you will most likely lose money. Any type of dreams that are about loosing hair. For example, hair shedding off, plucking your hair out, aging or thinning hair.

If you have dreams about someone else, loosing hair or have long hair; usually it will apply to that individual and not you.

My dream last night:
I was picking up hair off the ground on my bedroom floor. Using my fingertips, in circular motion, I was collecting all these pieces of hair that has been laying on my bedroom floor (carpeted). I am guessing that this type of dream would more likely fall into gaining something, instead of losing. And base on today’s events, its a total gain!

To sum it up, if you’re dreams are about loosing hair, it signifies loosing something, most likely, money or loosing an important possession. To dream about long beautiful hair, having more hair than usual, and or in my case, collecting hair, means gaining, increasing, or earning something, usually, money or it just means good luck.

“So, I will say, that there is a way to reverse bad dreams,…. but I’ll leave that for another post!”