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Life plus dream is a lifestyle blog created to capture my inner dreams and how it connects me to my daily life, relationships and career.

…just an ordinary woman who blogs about her dreams….
My name is Kia Lo, I am Hmong American and a mother to 2 wonderful kids. My parents had 8 of us total and I’m the third child, 2nd daughter. Just your typical hmong family…

It all started with a dream. When I was pregnant with my first born, I began to notice that my dreams were becoming more vivid than usual. It was sorta like having premonitions, but dreaming of it first. I started to capture certain object/animals, and what they signify or predicted in real life. Trust me, its not all good. Sometimes I even avoid certain events/things in my life, because I was afraid of what the outcomes would be. There have been times, when I felt trapped, like a prisoner. Crazy, I know. But I’ve learned to accept and embrace this sense of mine… and since then… I’ve been able to enjoy life at such a deeper meaning.

I first started out by publishing an article on hubpages.com and never really thought anything of it. I simply just wrote about what’s interesting in the hmong culture/tradition. I received a lot of comments and that’s when I decided to start my very own blog journey.

Aside from blogging, career-wise, I do a lot of traveling for a marketing firm company. Free time, I love visiting my kids at school for lunch and volunteering at school. My kids and I, we love family nights; watching movies, playing board games and just having a good laugh together. They are my number one fan, and I live to inspire them.

Follow me as I learn how to untie nightmares and spiritual knots through my own knowledge/experiences. I believe that when we can align ourselves spiritually, mentally, and whole heartily, we can live the life we desire.



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