Throwing up slugs

What does it mean to dream of slugs? My dream last night was of me, throwing up some slimy, yellowish slugs. Three full plates of them. Eww. Afterwards, I see a lady dressed in a sheep’s clothing. She was standing by a few tall trees and had on a sheep’s mask. She kept revealing herself, and I can see clearly, that she had some sharp bloody, fangs. A black wolf stood next to her. And I woke up.

Slugs are known to be one of the slowest creatures on earth, although they seem very harmless. Still, not a very big fan of them. This is one of those random weird dreams. What does this mean for me personally? Yesterday, morning, I arrived to Cottage Grove, MN to visit the new office. I had a chance to sit down and talked to one of my mentors and we talked about goals and setting out a plan. Anyway, I reflected on myself in the last month,. and truthfully, I have not meet my goal for January. So we are talking about sacrificing bad habits for good habits. So, I believe that the slugs coming out of me are my bad habits., I need to react faster, I need to move at a faster speed.

Anyhow, It’ll be a busy weekend for me. I am expecting a few of my business partners to be in town as well. Its always good to see each other after a few weeks to catch up and update on business, dreams and personal life.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. Every one of them serves a purpose in our lives, whether for a good cause or bad intentions. Either way, we are learning. I believe in making a difference in people’s lives, big or small.


Multiple Dreams

I had multiple dreams last night with different scenes… (I didn’t have the best sleep last night. Kept waking up).

First Scene: I was in the dressing rooms, changing in and out of clothes. Which is quite interesting because I was just telling my boyfriend about how I needed a wardrobe change. Maybe I need to fulfill this 😉

Second scene: Was pretty much a nude and sexual scene. Seeing private areas signifies money, income, something that will lead to receiving or earning income/money.

Third scene: Me, waiting to use the bathroom. I was at my bf’s house and he was cooking. The knob on the bathroom door was broken and there was no way to lock the door. I asked my bf to keep an eye on the door while I use the toilet. What do you know, some one, a drunk guy, walks in on me., well he tried to open the door, and luckily I pulled up my pants in time. But when I looked up at him, the walls around me became glass walls. I felt embarrassed for a moment, thinking everyone must’ve seen me. He asked me if I can finish the cooking because he wanted my bf to catch up on “drinking.”

Fourth Scene: I was standing on a podium in front of a crowd. They were all part of the business, but most of them were not interested in it at all. I shouted out,. “Who in here is already a member that’s interested in continuing with us?” There was 3 show of hands.

Okay, that’s about everything I saw in my dreams last night. thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to follow up! Again I’m looking forward for a successful weekend in Indiana.

And as always, have a good day and sweet dreams! xoxo

Dream: Driving through a dark tunnel

I hope everyone slept well, and had good dreams!

I don’t remember much of my dream from last night. I do remember going through a dark tunnel. A long and dark tunnel. So, its been repetitive from my previous dream about driving through a long road with trees caving in and the slide tunnel full of ice and snow. So I did, in fact google “dreams of tunnel.” There are plenty of interpretations and meanings, like vagina, womb, and birth… Yeah, not exactly sure about that…

I did read subconsciousness…
At a subconscious level, I have been thinking and reflecting a lot on my career goals and life and family and where I need to go, what I need to do. I feel stuck. I feel like I’ll never get through to the end or out of the tunnel. I know it starts with me and I know I need to create it! And create it with some action!

This morning, I asked my son whether he was being bullied at school or not. Surprisingly, he admitted that a few kids have been calling him names. If you haven’t read my previous blog post about my dream of seeing him bullied, you can read it here. Anyways, I told Chamb, that he needed to let his teacher know. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it too much but I wanted to let him know that if it did affect him later, he had to learn how to stand up and or let someone know other than me. I hope that it will never escalate to where I need to be involve.

I will be in Indianapolis this weekend for work. We will be driving out tomorrow and it’s about a good 8 hour drive to where I live. So definitely looking forward for a good and successful weekend. I’ve been home this whole week just catching up on house work and homework with the kids. So this little mini trip will hopefully boost up my momentum.