Hello World and Welcome!

This blog is aim to share my personal experiences through my own dream interpretations and how it affects my daily life, career and relationships.
If you’re like me, every morning, when I wake up from a dream; the first thing I do, is I immediately grab my iPhone and google my dream. But there are millions of interpretations found on the internet that it’s hard to grasp onto one true meaning. For example, if you dream about seeing flowers, there are hundreds of websites that offers different kinds of meaning. Like it can mean, “compassion, beauty, inner self.” Or on another website it can mean “growth, peace.” There are dream dictionary websites, there are dream interpretations, dream bibles and so many more.

Ever since I was young, I have always been a vivid dreamer. From adventurous dreams, to fighting zombies, vampires and Dracula, and falling off cliffs. Dreams about walking through a heavy thunder storms and or catching a lot of fishes in the lake. Sometimes dreaming about a decease relative or friends, and how about sleep paralysis dreams? What does it really mean? I think its still a very big mystery. Why we dream what we dream. We all can just view it as dreams., and for some it may not have any meaning at all. So I took it upon myself to document my dreams and over the past few years, I have recollected my own interpretations of what certain dreams may signify.

A few years ago, I started a hub page account. I publish an article about “Hmong Superstition, Beliefs, and Dreams” (very vague, but straight to the point.) You can read it here: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Hmong-Superstition-and-Belief

This article became one of my top articles viewed on hubpages.com and one with the most comments. Because of that, I became more and more inspired to start a blog…. and I’m making it happen! Yay!

I have created this blog to share a little bit of my life, career, hobbies, dreams and spiritual experiences. I hope that it will also inspire others to share their experiences/interpretation as well. Stay tuned as I learn how to renovate this blog and will be adding my daily life & dream contexts as well. Thank you!

Welcome to my dream world!