Multiple Dreams

I had multiple dreams last night with different scenes… (I didn’t have the best sleep last night. Kept waking up).

First Scene: I was in the dressing rooms, changing in and out of clothes. Which is quite interesting because I was just telling my boyfriend about how I needed a wardrobe change. Maybe I need to fulfill this 😉

Second scene: Was pretty much a nude and sexual scene. Seeing private areas signifies money, income, something that will lead to receiving or earning income/money.

Third scene: Me, waiting to use the bathroom. I was at my bf’s house and he was cooking. The knob on the bathroom door was broken and there was no way to lock the door. I asked my bf to keep an eye on the door while I use the toilet. What do you know, some one, a drunk guy, walks in on me., well he tried to open the door, and luckily I pulled up my pants in time. But when I looked up at him, the walls around me became glass walls. I felt embarrassed for a moment, thinking everyone must’ve seen me. He asked me if I can finish the cooking because he wanted my bf to catch up on “drinking.”

Fourth Scene: I was standing on a podium in front of a crowd. They were all part of the business, but most of them were not interested in it at all. I shouted out,. “Who in here is already a member that’s interested in continuing with us?” There was 3 show of hands.

Okay, that’s about everything I saw in my dreams last night. thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to follow up! Again I’m looking forward for a successful weekend in Indiana.

And as always, have a good day and sweet dreams! xoxo