Dream: An Icy Road

I dreamed that I was sitting in the back, middle seat of an SUV. Holding onto my breath as an unknown couple steered into the dark icy road. The head lights flashed onto the road ahead. Giving me clear sight of our surroundings. I’ve been here before. It’s the back road I take on my way home to avoid the train sometimes. We sped through the long road with tall trees that hollowed around us, passing through an icy bridge as the suv leaped from one icy road hill after the other. I stiffly cling onto my seat, afraid we will crash! But we finally came to a stop. A road block.

The next part of my dream, the couple disappears. After climbing up some stairs, they said the only way out of the dead end zone was to go through a tunnel slide. I carefully sat down and gave myself a push. But as I travel down, the walls that burrowed around me started to iced up. I was thinking of a hundred ways that could go wrong; I could lose my balance and slip around in all sorts of directions. But as the ice started to spread, little ice block started to form and snow humps appeared everywhere, that it eventually prevented me from going any further.

Here we all are, just stuck inside this big slide tunnel full of icy snow. The girl ahead of me says, they weren’t letting anyone down the slide yet because the slide lead to an open water. And all the swimmers were still getting ready to leave. As we were discussing about a solution to get ourselves out, I hear my son’s voice, shouting and crying from above. The snow humps helped me climb back up to the top to see my son. He was being bullied by his cousin and friends. They were all taunting and laughing at my son., and he just cried louder, asking them to stop. They all started walking away,… and I woke up. First thing; Is my son being bullied??

The unknown couple; their purpose in my dream was to only guide and take me to a specific place. What really stand out to me is the ice/snow and the hollowness of the road and tunnel. At first the sight of an icy road may seem dangerous and did in fact arise a lot of fears; speeding and crashing, especially on a dark and icy road, alone in the middle of the woods. The ice/snow appears again as I go into the tunnel slide, again arising more fears of loosing balance, crashing, getting severely injured. But as soon as the snow humps and ice block form, what I was afraid of, gave me the most comfort. Another thing that also stuck out to me was that in these events, something happened to prevent me from proceeding; the road closing, ice building up inside the slide, and not letting anyone off the slide. Ice is consider a solid form of water. Water in dreams usually for me, signifies struggles, hardship, heartache usually leading to tears. In this case, maybe its the opposite?

What I Learn:
I am definitely reflecting on myself at a personal level and where I stand in my career. It does feel like I am at a dead end road., and obstacles may arise to distract me from where I need to go… Yes, I may slip and fall, humps and bumps may appear in my way. As one of my great mentor has said, “Never let your conditions control you from where you need to go.” I need to stay focus, I need to embrace and reinvent myself.

As Violet Baudelaire from the novel/movie, A series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket , says “Do the scary thing first and get scared afterwards”
( A good family film to watch on Netflix ).

Until next time…. Happy dreams everyone!